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With most of the Resistance decimated and their whereabouts unknown, hope in the galaxy hangs by a thread. You joined up with a group of rebels, gather a new army from planets all over the galaxy and searching desperately for General Leia Organa. While on Cantonica, you were captured by the First Order and now you must escape their star destroyer before your team is forced to leave you behind. 

Record Time: 47:38 | Escape Rate: 43.8%

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Special Notes  


Please be advised that the War for the Galaxy experience includes a small amount of climbing, crawling, and sliding. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at any time. This room is still wheelchair accessible.

If you require reading glasses, please be sure to bring them.



Do Or Do not. There is no try. 

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A gang of notorious thieves, you and your crew betrayed Markov, a violent criminal mastermind you’ve been wreaking havoc all around the world with. After he crossed the line you turned yourself in, hoping to stop the madness. The CIA faked your public executions and now you’ve got one chance to earn your freedom by breaking into Markov’s private vault and stealing the Enigma Key. But no one is ever a step ahead of Markov. It won’t be long before you find out what he’s got in store for you.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Boom.

Record Time | Escape rate: 20%

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Coming Soon


During WWII, in the heart of London, Prime Minister Winston Churchill conducted much of the war effort from below the city in the famous War Rooms. 

Journey back in time where all of Europe is counting on you and, little do you know, the fate of the world is in your hands. 

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