1/2 off Redo

How it works

We completely understand that nagging feeling you get when you don't escape one of our rooms. The puzzles stick with you for days and you wish you could have another go. That's why we've developed the 1/2 off Redo just for you. 

For 1/2 the price you get to try again & we're going to upgrade you to a private room free of cost! 

 Please see below for details.  

Your code

Use this code at checkout to redeem your 1/2 Off Redo



Important Terms & Conditions

  • Only second-timers can take advantage of 1/2 off Redo pricing.
  • Guests may only enact a 1/2 off Redo for a room they've already experienced.
  • By using a 1/2 off Redo code you are confirming that you are a second-timer and that you have paid full price to experience the same room at SoCo Escape Room once before.
  • Even after purchase, you must be a confirmed by SoCo Escape Room as second timer. If you cannot be confirmed your reservation will be canceled with no refund.