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About us

SoCo Escape Room entertains the adventurous by locking them in rooms and daring them to escape. Our meticulous designs provide the perfect combination of puzzles, narrative, and atmosphere. Our goal is for customers to be challenged by fascinating puzzles, enraptured by authentic narratives, and transported by immersive atmospheres.  SoCo Escape Room is locally owned and operated and dedicated to being an active member of the Pueblo community.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a live, physical, interactive, and immersive puzzle experience in which participants are locked into a room and must work as a team to solve a series of puzzles designed around a specific theme and all leading to the final solution, which is to unlock the door and escape the room within a set time limit.

We are prioritizing varied skillsets

As a growing local business we are constantly in the process of getting better for our customers and our team members. As part of our growth, we are looking at ways our team members can contribute to aspects of the business outside of only running escape rooms. Our goal is to build a dynamic team and to do so we are considering investing in professional development courses for our team members. As such, we are prioritizing applicants who have demonstrable skills in the following areas: marketing, social media, SEO, email campaigns, and accounting. If you have any of these skills, please make an indication in your application.

About the job

This is a part-time position perfect for people who enjoy a fun atmosphere and love interacting with large groups of customers. In this position you will work on an on-call basis depending on availability/demand. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are a must and a couple of available weekdays are also preferred. Please note that all of our team members are cross-trained to work in both the shift manager AND escape tech positions, meaning that, when you apply, you’ll be applying for both roles.


Shift Manager

SoCo Escape Room – Pueblo, CO

$12.50 per hour - Part-time

Shift Manger responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Shift managers are responsible for and must be proficient at all escape tech duties. (See escape tech position for details)

  • Greeting customers in a personable and friendly manner and making everyone feel excited at being locked in a room for an hour.

  • Checking customers in, assisting customers in signing waivers, and ensuring payment has been processed before beginning the experience.

  • Utilizing technology to show participants the briefing video and scenario videos.

  • Clarifying game rules thoroughly in a fun and engaging way. You must be comfortable talking to large groups of people.

  • Organizing the flow of people in and out of the escape rooms.

  • Dealing with customers over the phone and/or via email asking for questions, directions, etc.

  • Thanking customers, taking group photos, receiving feedback, and encouraging future bookings as participants leave.

  • Supporting techs in their room running and resetting duties, which requires an intimate knowledge of our rooms, how they work, and how they can be fixed.

    • Resetting the escape rooms after each experience. Strong attention to detail is a must; all the props and clues must be set in a very specific way every time.

  • Creative problem solving and troubleshooting - as the shift manager you will be responsible for on-the-spot fixes to any of our rooms.

  • Providing excellent customer service to all our customers in positive and negative situations alike.

  • Calling in your team members per our on-call scheduling.

  • Managing and working with your fellow team members to deliver excellent escape rooms.

Escape Tech

SoCo Escape Room – Pueblo, CO

$10 - $11 per hour - Part-time

The Escape Technician responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilizing technology to show participants the briefing video and scenario videos for the room as well as to track the room time, play music, provide clues, etc.

  • Closely monitoring participants over CCTV while they complete a room to provide clues as needed.

  • Resetting the escape rooms after each experience. Strong attention to detail is a must; all the props and clues must be set in a very specific way every time.

  • Thanking customers and walking them through the room at the end of their experience. Providing excellent and friendly customer service, while receiving feedback and encouraging future bookings as participants leave.

  • Cleaning rooms, props, and shared space as needed.


Our ideal applicants are responsible but fun people with good attitudes, great problem solving abilities, and excellent customer service skills!

Required skills:

  • Demonstrable experience in customer service.

  • Self-starter and independent thinker.

  • Can manage large groups in a friendly, but authoritative manner.

  • Stays cool under pressure.

  • Creative problem solver.

  • Great attention to detail.

Desired skills:

  • Demonstrable management experience

  • We are looking for team members with skills that meet other aspects of SoCo Escape Room’s needs. Please indicate in your application if you have any of the following HIGHLY desired skillsets:

    • Marketing

    • Social media

    • SEO

    • Email campaigning

    • Accounting

  • You get extra brownie points if you are handy person who can fix things with whatever you have available (props might break!).

  • You have electronics and technical knowledge and/or experience in building theatrical set or props.

You must be available to work late afternoons, evenings, and weekends, sometimes on short notice and on an on-call basis.


Application Instructions

Please send us your resume and make sure to include why you want to work at SoCo Escape Room (via cover letter or email) as well as your favorite ice cream flavor. We just want to see if you were paying attention and can follow instructions.

Application Deadline: June 20, 2019 | 5:00 PM

Submit applications to: support@socoescaperoom.com