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Our brand new room Vault 2: Markov’s Endgame is ready for you. Question is, are you?

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How It Works

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Many will enter, few will escape.

Whether you’re having a night out with family or friends, setting up a date, or planning a team building activity, SoCo Escape Room is where you come to ditch the work week doldrums and avoid the same-old, same-old.

Find yourself transported into a wondrous live-action experience that will leave you wanting more. Do you think you can you save the galaxy, rob the vault, or halt the malware before the clock runs out?

Who's it for?

Nights out with friends & family | Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties | Corporate Events | Birthday Parties | Team Building | School Groups | Dates

Book My Escape 

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Please note that we take bookings by appointment only and all bookings must be made a minimum of one hour in advance.