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Haunted Halloween Escape Room

Opening September 27th

Tickets available now

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Everyone knows the rumors…

about the haunted house on Cortner Road: the huge white dog that chases drivers in the night, the small girl in her pink dress hanging from the ominous tree, the murderous old man that appears from the darkness holding a shotgun. On a dare, you ventured out to the haunted house to see if the legends were true. You knew you'd be scared, but what you didn't know was that you just might never leave.

Record Time: Unknown

Escape Rate: unknown

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Are the rumors true?

Here’s what people have to say:

Accounts of people who went out to Cortner at night

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Special Notes  


Please be advised that The House on Cortner Road experience may frighten young children. We rate this room as 13+ with parental discretion. This room is NOT fully wheelchair accessible, but adjustments can be made so please call or message in ahead!

If you require reading glasses, please be sure to bring them.