Weekly Puzzle 1 - Puns 4/4/2017

The Puzzle

These little beauties are created by Shawn Kennedy in his book Pun Amok. How fitting, no? And here’s what he say about solving them:

“Each puzzle consists of seven clues whose answer have been cut into 19 letter tiles (nine 3-letter tiles and ten 2-letter tiles), which are arranged alphabetically by length. Using logic, knowledge of word patterns, and trial and error, fit the tiles into the heavy outlines to discover the clue answers. Cross out each tile as you use it. Tiles will not be used more than once." (4-5) 

Solving Tips:

  • Look for plurals - these answers will usually end in -S.
  • Look for 3-letter and 4-letter words - a 3-letter word must always be solved by a 2-letter tile and a 4-letter word must always be solved with one 3-letter tile.  
  • Look for 5-letter and 7-letter words - same goes for these.
  • Analyze word patterns - some tiles have unusual combinations that you can rule out as the beginnings of words, like WNS or HGH.
  • Trial and error - nothing like just giving it a go.
  • Keep a flexible mind!

Happy Puzzling,

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Citation: Kennedy, Shawn. Pun Amok. Puzzle Wright Press, NY, New York. 2012.

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