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The puzzle

In how many different ways can you make change for $3.00 using only combinations of dimes and/or nickels?

HINT: Ignore the nickels.

Don’t think of each dime and/or nickel as a unique individual that needs to be counted. So you’re not going to multiple the amount of dimes or nickels together like you might if you were finding the possible combinations of something like colors.

You see what I mean? If I said you have an orange, a lemon, and an apple to eat, and then wine, beer, and water to drink and asked you how many how many possible combinations can you make with one of each, you’d multiply the individual terms of the food (3) by the individual terms of the drinks (3) to get 9 unique combinations.

That’s NOT what you’ll do with the money puzzle. Because each dime can't be considered a unique combination, the amount of ways you can combine the dimes and/or nickels is very limited. 

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