Greetings Puzzlers

I’m T, the resident puzzler at SoCo Escape Room. This blog is intended to give guidance about how to solve various types of puzzles--many of which SoCo Escape Room uses on a regular basis. You won’t find any answers here. Sorry.

Like anything, getting the hang of puzzle solving takes practice; is isn’t about being a genius, though that can be helpful. It is about cultivating a state of mind. How do you approach a puzzle? How can you take in all the information and be sure you’re not limiting your thinking when it comes to finding a solution? Some puzzles require trial and error, others you must fill out charts, some take math, others ask you to sift through tricky wording--there are as many techniques as there are styles.

Puzzles always reminds me of when Sherlock Holmes says, “You do see, you just don’t observe!”

My first suggestion is to peel everything back to basics. What are you being given? What’s been left out? Make sure you’re seeing what’s there.  

Don’t get me wrong--I find all of these puzzles rather challenging in different ways, but I love that feeling I get when I’ve solved it. You know the one I’m talking about, right? Of course you do! So, let’s get started!

Happy Puzzling,

SoCo Escape Room

SoCo Escape Room

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